Re: homosexuality in the peace movements (multipls posts)

Sun, 10 May 1998 11:19:11 -0400

From: Bill Davis <>

At 04:55 PM 5/4/98 -0400, Ian Lekus wrote:
>Hi 60s-L folks,
My dissertation research (&
>hence my reason for this post) is on homosexuality in the peace movements
>of the 1960s & early 1970s.

Interesting topic:

Look into MayDay! Find out about the post-MayDay national meeting, in the
summer of '71 I believe, in Atlanta. It was linked with, and proceeded

immediately by, a joint gathering for women in MayDay and for "Gay MayDay."
The interaction when the "rest" arrived for the general meeting was fascinating.

Anybody on this list at that event??

How 'bout anybody that worked early-on, say in March '71, at the HQ for
MayDay in DC? Was that on Mass. Ave.?

I will try to post more later, but gotta go.


From: Eric Noble <>

On the question of gay-straight relations in the sixties
counterculture, you may want to visit my digger archive web site.
There was an interesting dynamic between the gay communes that were
part of the digger movement and the larger "very" hetero segment.
The Kaliflower commune was identified as a gay commune even though
its membership was only 30% gay. This mistake is still made by many
of the original diggers (read Peter Coyote's newly published memoirs,
Sleeping Where I Fall, p. 275.) Also, in Peter's book, Chester
Anderson receives, it seems, very little recognition whereas his
cohorts (who were a married couple) do. On the other hand, both
Kaliflower (a Free intercommunal newspaper) and the Communications
Company (Anderson et al.'s free digger street publishing venture)
were extremely influential among the early gay hippie movement. See
the interview of Dennis Peron (gay founder of Cannabis Buying Club,
San Francisco, candidate for governor opposing the right-wing
Attorney General) in the current issue of East Bay Express.

Eric Noble