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>From: "Steve Haas" <Steveh@worldnet.att.net>
>Subject: RE: Now we know it's dead OR scariest product of 1998
>It's an important point, this business of cooptation. The bell-bottoms
>and such were only superficial symbols that people latched onto as
>BEING the counter-culture. Those who were actually involved moved on
>from those symbols very quickly, but the rest of the country,
>including the masses of 'weekend hippies' kept those symbols and
>engrained them in the psyche of the country. As you said, Harlan, what
>was important was what was in the MIND, and what was being created.

Sorry I have missed most of the latest thread, but the above reminded me of
how my dear friend John Shelly described such marketing. He said such items
were simply purchased at the "Counter Culture Culture Counter." He was
great at puns, also singing "All we are sayyyyy-inggg, is get peace at
Grants." [You know, W. T. Grants, the department store?]