Re: Vietnam in fiction from black perspective (Multiple posts)
Sun, 19 Apr 1998 12:48:49 -0400

There are scores (maybe over one hundred) titles of "black" perspective in
Viet Nam War fiction, poetry, and film. I suggest you get into the
Library Catalogue of La Salle Univiversity on the WWW and start searching
under "subject" using the Library of Congress heading "Vietnamese Conflict
1961-1973 -- participation--AFro American. There are 37 hits just for
fiction! There is a huge number of items relating to Aftro-American
perspective in fiction and poetry and film. Most of it is out of print,
though. You need to spend time in the research collections that have the
items themselves.

John Baky

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One of the best literary works was the script for the play "LBJ" (not what you
think, it stands for Long Binh Jail, where rebellious black GIS were stockaded and
continued their rebellion)...

Doug Norberg

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