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Could you please post this announcement if possible.

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***1968 REVISITED***

Ohio University will host "1968 Revisited," a conference that will bring
together participants in many of the important events of 1968 and scholars
who have written about the 1960s. A major theme of the conference will be
the relationship between the mass media and social and political change.

Keynote Addresses by: Kwame Toure (formally known as Stokely Carmichael)and
Todd Gitlin

Scheduled Panel Participants: Michael Beschloss, Garrick Utley, Dan Thomasson,
Casey Hayden, Wini Breines, Alice Echols,
Murray Fromson, Ron Nessen, Abe Peck,
Carole Finke, Terry Anderson, Clarence Page,
Robert Buzzanco, Randall Woods, Melvin Small,
and Tom Bates among others.

Coonference Sessions on: Rethinking 1968; Remembering 1968; The Tet Offensive;
Campus Wars; Gender, Politics, and Popular Culture;
Peace and Antiwar Activism; Lyndon Johnson and 1968;
Covering War, Dissent, and Politics; 1968 in Berlin,
Prague, and Warsaw; Ohio University, Athens, and 1968

Conference Schedule: Thursday April 23 - Saturday April 25

Daily Sessions from 9:00 am - 5:00 pm

Conference Location: Ohio University Campus, Athens OH

Conference Accomodations: Ohio University Inn (740) 593-6661
Amerihost Inn (740) 594-3000

For More Information Contact: Ray Haberski, Contemporary History Institute
(740) 593-4362