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Sun, 5 Apr 1998 21:03:31 -0400

From: SuzanneKMc <>

Have you tried Dave Dellinger's From Yale to Jail? That memoir may have some
material on the NYC rally.

From: Marty Jezer <>

Hi Karen:

Re: H. Rap Brown, his speech was probably covered in the Village Voice or
East Village Other. Most university libraries have them on microfilm. Evo
is probably best found through the keyword "underground press" -- The
Village Voice stands on its own. It would guess the speech took place in 66
or 67. Check also C. Carson's book on SNCC -- or any other history of SNCC.

Re: draft resistance. I suspect this was a rally about the Boston 5 or
whatever they were called. Dr. Spock, Michael Ferber, Wm. Coffin, Mitch
Goodman, and Marcus Raskin who wre indicted for supporting draft
resistance. They were indicted 11/67; the rally was likely during the
winter of 67-68. I was there and may have written it up in WIN Magazine
(also on microfilm in many libraries). But I recall a big article on it in
the Village Voice.

3. Don't know the third, but it's possible that the War Resisters League
helped organize it. I think they have a web page.

Hope this helps.

Marty Jezer

At 02:42 PM 3/24/1998 -0500, you wrote:

> Greetings--I am a student looking for some information and wondering if
> you can help me-- any help (in the form of even remote leads) is
> greatly appreciated
>> > > 1. H. Rap Brown gave a talk at a rally at the filmore east (a now
>> > defunct
>> > > theater in the east village of NYC) It was probably mid sixties--early
>> > > seventies-- would anyone have any idea of the date (or any information
>> > > pertaining?)
>> > >
>> > > 2. Also there was an anti draft rally held at town hall in NYC around
>> > > the
>> > > same time period-- two key speakers were Benjamin Spock and Dave
>> > > Dellinger-- I am looking for any information about this rally.
>> > >
>> > > 3. In NYC there was a demonstration held every august to or at town
>> > > hall--noting Hiroshima
>> > > at one there was a petition to "Bring the Men and the Money Home"
>> > > petition was read by actress Vivica Lindford--any information regarding
>> > > this would be very helpful
>> > >
>> > > Sincerely Karen Jackson