Now we know it's dead OR scariest product of 1998

Stu Shiffman and Andi Shechter (
Sun, 29 Mar 1998 18:00:53 -0800

I can't decide whether I'm more amused or appalled at the newest porcelain
"collector doll" offered by the Danbury Mint. This showed up in my
newpaper ad supplements today. It's "Harmony" - she's only $99.50 is 16
inches high and she wears a "'tie-dyed'[sic] shirt, appliqued hip-hugger
bell-bottoms, macrame belt and faux-suede fringed vest. Note, too, her
boldly patterned headband and faux-suede sandals. As the perfect finishing
touches, Harmony wears love beads and a peace symbol around her neck." She
is making the peace sign with one hand and holds a bouquet of what appear
to be black-eyed Susans in 'tother. She's very blond. Now I know we're in

"[G]eography is only physics slowed down and with a few trees stuck on
it..." FEET OF CLAY, Terry Pratchett