Re: The Big Lie
Sun, 5 Apr 1998 21:02:57 -0400

From: Sorrento95 <>

In a message dated 98-03-29 10:45:47 EST,
Wally Sass writes:

[In response to the belief that Hendrix was a drug addict]

>This is 'The Big Lie'.

But later you write:

>Jimi obviously did 'do' drugs. According to the anti-drug dogma,
>ANY drug use leads to addiction. Jimi was a VERY high profile
>artist. He was black. He did ALOT of drugs!

First you say that the belief that Hendrix was a drug
addict is a "big lie." Then you say he did "ALOT" of

I have several questions:

1. When does doing "ALOT" of drugs cross the line
into abuse or addiction?

2. I'm no Hendrix historian, but didn't he die of an
overdose? Or is this belief another "big lie"? We
know he died young, or was that Hendrix I saw with
Elvis last week at the bowling alley?

3. Regardless of the ethnic characteristics of users,
and putting aside issues of criminalization, is recreational
drug use a healthful practice?

-- Michael Wright