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>I am trying to put together a list of people killed or permanently
>injured as a result of the suppression of the civil rights/anti-war
>/black liberation movements.

Frank Donner of the ACLU's project on political surveillance
wrote a book which might be useful. I think the name of it
was The Age of Surveillance. Search Frank Donner on your
library's computer and it ought to come up.

Also, I once ran across a book entitled Political Repression in
Modern America. It is also worth looking at. I'm sorry I don't
recall the author's name, but it ought to come up under a library
title search.

-- Michael Wright

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pardun. two individuals were killed at the university of kansas in a
relatively unknown demonstration in 1969. shortly thereafter the student
union was burned down by perons unknown and misguided (they should have
burned down the administration building...). the university of kansas daily
press will have their names. good luck, good project. adin.

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Does severe Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome Count?

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A good place to start is with the Southern Policy Law Center. Maya Lin's
civil rights memorial there lists 40 people who were killed for civil
rights between 1955 and 1968, and they produce a brochures listing who the
people were and the circumstances and dates of the deaths. Address is 400
Washington Avenue, Montgomera, Alabama 36104. The SPLC may have a more
complete and updated list.

Melinda Schwenk

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