Stephen Jones History?

Sorrento95 (Sorrento95@AOL.COM)
Sat, 14 Mar 1998 12:18:19 EST

Stephen Jones was the court-appointed attorney who
represented convicted Oklahoma bomber Timothy McVeigh,
who was extremely dissatisfied with Jones and asked the
court to replace him. Jones and his collaborators collected
more than $10 million dollars in public funds for their defense
of McVeigh.

I knew Jones back in the early 70s. He was one of the
lawyers representing a group of antiwar protesters called
the Tinker 12. I was one of them. After the federal court
denied our motion for a jury trial, we were tried and convicted
of trespassing on Tinker Air Force Base in the course of
an antiwar demonstration in May 1972.

The eight men in the group were given prison terms in the
range of four to six months. For no other reason than sex
discrimination, the women were all let off with probation and
fines. I ended up serving four months at the Federal Correctional
Institute in Seagoville, Texas.

Jones emerged as a truly reprehensible character during
this episode. He is by far one of the most unethical scoundrels
to ever graduate from law school.

I'm interested in telling my story about Jones, but I'm not
yet sure what's appropriate for this list, since I just arrived
yesterday. Would anybody be interested in hearing it?

-- Michael Wright