Introducing Myself

Sorrento95 (Sorrento95@AOL.COM)
Sat, 14 Mar 1998 11:44:38 EST

My name's Michael Wright of Norman, Oklahoma.

For right now I'm just wondering if there's anyone on the
list who might remember me from my days as an SDS
member and antiwar activist at the University of Oklahoma.

I would also like to hear from anyone involved in the late
60s campus left scene at either of these two places:

1. University of Texas at Austin (particularly Jan. 1969)
2. University of Iowa

Finally, I have a question about Angola. In January 1969 I
helped transport an Angolan fugitive from Norman to the
Mexican border. He was traveling under an assumed name,
since he was fleeing an order intended to force his "repatriation"
to Lisbon. The US was cooperating with the Portuguese,
who wanted to hold the man hostage in retaliation for his
father having led his tribe into the war of independence.
I never learned the fugitive's real name, and he did not record
the identities of anyone who helped him. Austin was one of
the places we stopped on the way to the border.

The fugitive said his father was the chief of the Kimbundu
tribe. I've always wondered if he made it safely to Angola,
and what his destiny was. Does anyone have any ideas
about how I might resolve this mystery?

One other thing -- the fugitive had been a visiting professor
of anthropology at one of the universities in Florida. It was
either Florida State or University of Florida. Are there any
list members who were at either of those places in 1968?

-- Michael Wright