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> Dear Sixties People:
> Would anyone know what the year 1969 was according to the Chinese zodiac?
> Year of the pig? year of the horse? and so forth. This is pertinent to a
> poem about the Viet Nam war. Thanks in advance.
According to something I looked up on,
it was the Year of the Rooster. It's also the year I was in Nam, at
least part of it, and I had nothing to crow about.


David Vancil

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Here ya go...

(1921, 1933, 1945, 1945, 1957, 1969, 1981 and 1993)
This is a bumper year for the financially attuned Rooster. You will reap a
golden harvest both in your career and personal finances. The Year of the
Tiger casts an auspicious influence, which will yield handsome dividends if
you are shrewd with speculative ventures. But Roosters should watch their
health and take plenty of exercise.
Tranquillity prevails in love. The Rooster will continue to enjoy smooth
sailing if he or she was lucky in love last year. If you were in the
depths of despair in 1997, the new year will bring a positive change.

Roosters born in 1969 and 1981 will do well on all fronts but males born in
1957 must be particularly careful with their health and the company they
keep; certain friends will get them into hot water. They should set birds
or tortoises free on their birthday to barter for better luck. Women, on
the other hand, need not worry.
Lucky Index: OVERALL 80 CAREER 85 FINANCE 97


...hope that's what you were hoping for! Cock-a-doodle-doo!

Ron :)

PS. Hope you'll send in your poem when it's done!

P S Y M O N ? ? ? ?
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Dear Maggie,

1969 was an year of the "TORI" according to the Chinese zodiac, I guess.
The Chinese zodiac is usually called "ETO" in Japanese.
The "TORI" or "NIWATORI" means a hen or a roaster (cock) in Japanese.
As you know, famous1968 was the year of the "SARU" (monkey).

Masaaki Ohtaki, a resercher in the 60's culture, especially the
comtemporary Japanese art history