The Plastercasters

Wed, 25 Feb 1998 10:11:50 EST

Hi listers,

I've been lurking on this list for quite some time now and find
it to be filled with a fascinating array of characters, much as the
era being discussed was. Why I have chosen this particular topic
for my first post to this list is a question that only a good shrink
could (pretend) to answer. Anyway, here goes.

Kim Heikkila asks:

<Beyond these items, I would welcome any other ideas you may
<have. Not much scholarly attention has been given groupies, so
<I feel like I need to do a lot of background work. Any suggestions
<would be most appreciated.

Have you ever heard of the organized (scary, isn't it?) group of
groupies (intentional redundancy) called 'The Plastercasters?
These were groupies with a mission! Their mission was to
preserve for posterity plaster casts of male rock star's..., well, know!!

One of The Plastercasters faithfully kept a diary of all sessions,
portions of which I have read in biographies of Jimi Hendrix,(his
contribution being the, uh, most substatial). The two sources that I
can recall offhand are, 'Electric Gypsy' by Caesar Glebeek and
'Scuse Me While I Kiss the Sky' by David Henderson. Both excellent
reads, BTW.

The story of the Plastercasters is a bit unusual in that the groupies,
by necessity, had to work in teams. While one would prepare the
plaster the other would prepare the, uh, object to be casted. They
had planned on displaying the fruits of their labors in a museum
setting, though I've not yet heard of any museum willing to sponsor
the, um, exhibition. The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame here in Cleveland
has yet to express any interest in this most unusual of memorabilia.
Go figure!!!

There is a 60's picture book with a picture of a few of the
Plastercasters as well as an assortment of casts, but I am presently
unable to recall the title. I will relay this information in a future post
unless someone else identifies it first.

On a personal note, having been in more than one Rock Band over
the years, the groupies that I have met were, as a whole, just a
bunch of fun and fun-loving girls who like to party and have a good
time. Nothing wrong with that....


P.S. There is a song by Paul McCartney (who MAY know some things
about this subject) on his 'London Town' album (How Quaint! I still
call them albums!) called 'Famous Groupies'. Worth a listen.

P.S.S. Remember the Zappa and the M.O.I. album, 'We're Only In It
For The Groupies'? Also worth a listen.