Bonafide Corn Fed........

Holly Roach (hollyr@BGNET.BGSU.EDU)
Wed, 25 Feb 1998 02:42:02 -0500 (EST)

Hey folks,
I'm Homecoming Queen to the midwest thanks to some prankster
friends. I ran furthur one night smack into storybook figures lasting and
broadcasting across the net on campus here in Bowling Green. I was told
not to drink the water, but sitting next to Hagen things got a little hot-
he handed me a bottle of Schweppes.......welcome to prankster palace, the
only point of recognition...the fat boy logo uplifting a burger. Next
door party at prankster Swans, Hagen's room number written in black magic
marker. We caught the rhythm, Cassady and me. But Sweet Swan was cranky.
out, time for an Anonymous sister pep talk. The sun
rises Furthur.........
Someone forwarded some info. on Kesey. I've got a bus.
Can we go solar?
Get on the bus.