Rock Groupies of 1960s

Kim Heikkila (Kimberly.L.Heikkila-1@TC.UMN.EDU)
Fri, 20 Feb 1998 18:29:42

Hello list-ers--
I am working on a conference paper about rock groupies of the 1960s. I'm
going to do a discursive analysis of the representation of the groupie, and
argue that they were located somewhere between patriarchy and feminism and
fandom and sex workers. I am focusing on the 1969 Rolling Stone article,
"Groupies and Other Girls," and the GTOs album, _Permanent Damage_. I have
been trying to amass other primary sources relative to this topic, and have
found some things in the alternative and mainstream press. I have also
stumbled across references to various things which I cannot find, and which
I hope listmembers will be able to point me to. In the March 15, 1969,
_Rolling Stone_ issue, the letters column expanded to 3 pages as readers
responded to the groupie article of February's issue, written by Jerry
Hopkins, et al. At the end of the letters section, it says "we are
planning to do more about groupies--possibly in the form of a book..." I'm
wondering if anyone knows if this project ever came to fruition. Is it the
book I've seen mentioned once or twice called _The Groupie Papers_? Does
anyone know how to get ahold of either of these (if they both exist and are

Also, _Rolling Stone_ later writes a scathing review of a Maran Films movie
called _Groupies_. Does anyone have any ideas about how to get ahold of
*that*? I would really like to have as much groupie "self"-representation
as possible for my paper.

Finally, there was talk in 1988 about Ally Sheedy starring in a movie based
on Pamela DesBarres' life/book. Does anyone know if that movie was ever

Beyond these items, I would welcome any other ideas you may have. Not much
scholarly attention has been given groupies, so I feel like I need to do a
lot of background work. Any suggestions would be most appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

Kim Heikkila

Graduate Student
Program in American Studies, University of Minnesota