My Lai 30th anniversary (2 posts)

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From: Peter Brush <>
Subject: My Lai 30th anniversary

From: John Tegtmeier <>

>> From: Jesse Lemisch <LEMJJ@CUNYVM.CUNY.EDU>
>> March 16 will be the thirtieth anniversary of the My Lai massacre.
>> One of the effects of a visit I made to Germany last year was to
>> persuade me that, by and large, Germans -- especially younger ones
>> -- have done a
>>better job than have Americans in coming to terms with atrocities
>>done by the two countries.
>Are you trying to equated the Holocaust with My Lai???? I note the
>word "atrocities", so you obviously have something wider in mind.
>Perhaps you could articulate this?

John, Jesse:

Have you seen this book?:

_Facing My Lai : Moving Beyond the Massacre_ edited by David
L. Anderson, University Press of Kansas, 1998. ISBN 0-7006-0864-8.

Peter Brush

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Subject: 30th anniversary of My Lai

I wrote recently about the 30th anniversary of My Lai event that David
Anderson at Univ. of Indianapolis is putting together on Monday March 16,
that it would include Ron Ridenhour, Wiliam Eckhardt (chief prosecutor
of the My Lai cases) and Tim O'Brien. I also wrote that there was talk
of bringing M. Scott Peck and Jonathan Schell. At that time neither of
these last had confirmed.

I write now to say that Jonathan Schell has confirmed.

David's email is or


Randy Fertel
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