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Joe Williams (
Fri, 13 Feb 1998 00:51:23 -0800


For hippie fashion, my favorite is 'Native Funk And Flash: An Emerging Folk
Art' by Alexandra Jacopetti. Mostly hand made clothes
(embroidered/patched/etc.) but also includes a few things like stained
glass and decorative toilets. The book is a gem! On general fashion, I've
heard Diana Vreeland's autobiography recommended, but haven't read it
myself. And what about Andy Warhol's female contingent? Edie Sedgewick
wrote a book, and there were other models that started with him originally.
(Candy Kane? Twiggy??) LIFE magazine covered all the fashion trends (even
the topless bathing suit) and back issues would be worth perusing.


Joe Williams

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>Can anyone recommend a few good articles or books on '60s fashion?
>Anne Marie Ellison