the two credibility gaps

drieux (drieux@WETWARE.COM)
Fri, 13 Feb 1998 08:24:32 -0800 (PST)

First off my complements to John Tegtmeier for putting
the card squarely on the table.

As most who survived the sixties will recall, the
publically well known 'credibility gap' of course
was the one between the Government's Speach Utterance Behaviors
and the Reality we all lived. But the less talked about
class of credibility gap lies in this whole area of how
do the 'citizens' deal with their 'war crimes'. Since if
the military system was still 'draft based' then it was still
a "citizen's army" and not the rouge ops praetorian guard that
the empire has now.

As some from the sixties will recall, boenhoeffer was making
a 'come back' given his status as a 'martyr' for his part in
the assasination plot against hitler. But this of course is
the very DAMNING indictment against those CONUS who on the
one hand wish to speak about the 'war crimes' and making
appeals to the holocaust, since these very persons who raise
the standard must answer, each in their turn, why they did not
have the courage of their convictions to stand up and assasinate
the very Beast who was running the war?

So yes kampfr's while we look at the my lai massacre,
perchance it will also be a good time for this country
to ask and answer for itself how Bold and Brave it really
is, and how willing to risk what it really has been to
uphold the ideals and standards beyond the level of mere
rhetorical devices....