My Lai 30th Anniversary

Fri, 13 Feb 98 15:33:09 EST

I'm glad to hear that there are events being planned, and I'm grateful to
Randy Fertel and to others for news of the dedication of the My Lai Peace Park,
the events at Indianoplis and Tulane, and the books.

This is all very important.

It continues to seem to me that there should be acts of repentance, both
nationally and locally. As I mentioned in my earlier posting, the Germans are
way ahead of us in their awareness of the Holocaust. And there has been action
there on the governmental level (with room for debate about its adequacy.)
There's no prospect of anything like that here, particularly with Clinton
plannning to bomb Iraq.

So I hopethat people won't see the various postings and conclude that
somebody someplace else is taking care of this matter. I hope that in the
little time we have left we can have discussion leading to classroom discussion
and public events, all over the country.

What do people think?

Jesse Lemisch

Please post and forward.