Re: SDS & REP (multiple posts)
Sun, 8 Feb 1998 11:31:33 -0500

From: (ms)

Most of the folks on you list are readily available, living breathing
progressive activists now fifty something and in fact on the SDS reunion
e-mail list. Carol McEldowney has been deceased for a long time. Post a
smaller more obscure list in about 2 weeks and if I know where any of the
then missing are, I'll respond.

From: Anne Marie Ellison <>

Al Haber's living either in Ann Arbor or around Detroit. When Tom Hayden
was in town last fall, Al came by. He was doing some community organizing
at the time.

-Anne Marie Ellison
University of Michigan

From: Joe Williams <>

Al Haber moved back to Ann Arbor (birthplace of SDS) with his partner Odile
a couple years back. Not sure if he's still there. He was operating 'The
Long Haul' on Shattuck in Berkeley, but turned it over to some local
anarchists who have turned it into an 'info-shop'. The folks currently at
the Long Haul Infoshop might have info on contacting Al. Their number is


Joe Williams