Memories of Joe Alioto

Mike Bennett (
Sun, 1 Feb 1998 12:10:42 -0800

It was in 1967 and we were trying to get the Peace and Freedom Party
on the ballot in California. I was working in San Francisco with the
effort. We went down to the waterfront to the ILWU (longshoreman) pay
line on the docks with a sound truck to encourage the dock workers to
register in the P&F.

Alioto was there with his sound truck running for mayor. We mentioned
over the loudspeaker his interest in the California Rice Coop which
was raking in big bucks selling rice for Viet Nam. Seems the rice in
Viet Nam had been defoliated and these patriots were rushing to fill
the void at a tidy profit.

Alioto left his soundtruck and walked over to where I was sitting in
the driver's seat in the P&F truck, leaned his head in the window and,
from a distance of about two inches said: "What's the matter with you?
You got death wish?"

What a guy, that Joe! We won't see his likes again.

We registered his kid in P&F later and he threatened to disinherit

Mike Bennett