Another Query Re: SDS

John Campbell McMillian (jcm67@COLUMBIA.EDU)
Sat, 31 Jan 1998 22:31:09 -0500 (EST)

Thanks so much to half-dozen or so of you from this list who responded to
my appeal for help on these two projects I've been working on: the 1969
AHA, and the Radical Education Project of SDS.

SInce my earlier post, I've been looking at some of the SDS papers on
microfilm (which is a complete nightmare) and was able to find out the
names of those members who were on the initial implementation committee
of REP, as well as a much larger list of folk who volunteered as speakers
on behalf of REP. A few of the names were familiar (one was an
undergraduate professor of mine) but the vast majority mean nothing to me.
I'm going to list them below, and then ask if any of you know how I might
get in touch with any of these people. (Some of them, I'm sure, may no
longer be among the living). My research on REP will hinge very much on
my ability to drum up a number of oral interviews, so any help anyone can
offer will be hugely appreciated!

THese folk were senior organizers: Al Haber, Jerome Badares, Barry
Bluestone, Michael Locker, Carl Oglesby, Robert Ross, and Lee Webb. (Also
included were Todd Gitlin and Richard Flacks, but I think I can find

These people below were speakers. It's a long list, so here goes:

Jane Adams,
Phillop Altbach
Halton Arp
Ralph Austen
Bill Ayers
Eric Daniel Ayers
Nancy Bancroft
Hugo Adam Bedau
John H. Behling
George C> Berello
Hal Benenson
Edward Boorstein
Paul Booth
Rob Burlage
Sam C. Carrier
Eric Chester
Rennie Davis
Ivanhoe Donaldson
Matthew Edel
Alexander Erlich
Alice Fislkin
John Frappier
John Fuerst
Robert S. Gabriner
Morgan Gibson
Dave Gilbert
Nancy Gitlin
Martin Glaberman
Carol Glassman
Evi Goldfield
Mike Goldfield
Bob Gotleib
Richard Greeman
Edward Greer
Barbara Haber
Jill Hamberg
Donald Hall
Steve Halliwell
Peter Henig
James Jacobs
Mike James
William B Jerome
Steve Johnson
Brian Keheler
Linda Kerley
Michael Kindman
Clark Kissinger
Theodore E. Klitzke
Frank Kofsky
Gaylord C. Leroy
Chuck Levenstein
Bill Livant
Mike Locker
Kenneth Lux
Kathy McAfee
Carol McEldowney
Dick Magidoff
John Maher
Eric Mann
Carl Oglesby
Martin Oppenheimer
Mark Pilusul
Paul Potter
Anatol Rapopart
William O. Reichert
John T. Reiling
Bob Ross
Jerry Tenney
Heather Tobis
Bennett Steves-Cox (somewhat illegible writing here)
S.A. Shah
Helene Schell
Kehnroth Schramm
Irwin Schwartz
David Singer
Albert W. Silver
Harriet Stullman
Lawrence J Victor
Virgil J Vogel
Henry M. Wallace
Arthur Waskow (I'd really like to find this guy if he's not dead; he was
involved in both of my research projects).
Lee Webb
Steve Weissman
Harvey Wheeler
Jim Williams
Carl WIttman
Marth Zweig
Mike Zweig

So I hope this isn't too much of an intrusion into all of your e-mail
accounts. I'll be very curious to see what kind of response this
generates, but please let me say " thanks" in advance to anyone who may be
able to help out.

Fraternally yours,

John McMillian