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From: doug norberg <>
Subject: Re: Sixties scholarship and the internet

Greetings, Sandra,

Although there are many books that have detailed the activities of the
FBI and CIA during the formally constituted COINTELPRO years, most
have not detailed the ongoing activities after the Church Commission
report, so many people think those activities are all in the past. A
good book for those who are concerned about the history and the
ongoing threat these governmental forces pose, is Brian Glick's "War
at Home: Covert Action against U.S. activists and What we Can do About
it" available from South End Press for the ridiculous price of $5.00.
I would recommend it not only to ex-60s and -70s activists, but also
to those like your students who are thinking more about their
tomorrows than about our pasts.

Doug Norberg



From: (Hal Muskat)
Subject: African Americans & Govt Programs

To those with interest in the subject of information collection, access to
lists, privacy/First Amendment issuues & the govts ability to collect and
manipulate information, you should see:

"Secrets, The CIA's War At Home" by ANGUS MACKENZIE

University of California Press.

Angus, an award winning nitty gritty investigative take no shit journalist
spent his adult life exposing government secrets and lies. This book is a
phenomenal legacy.


From: jo grant <>
Subject: Re: Sixties scholarship and the internet

> Certainly this
>latter image prevailed among people I knew years ago and even the very
>thought of surveillance of private citizens is still greeted with
>skepticism by more than a few of my current acquaintances.
>Sandra in Maconga


Touchy subject. Names,lists, etc. Particularly of activists.

My experience is that the government, local, state and federal, will go to
great lengths and any cost to infiltrate and monitor individuals and groups
who question their authority and their actions.

Years after the "Prisoners Digest International" was infiltrated by
ex-prisoner agents who were parolled from a state and a federal prison
specifically to join our group which resulted directly with one person
killed and many more arrested on trumpted up drug charges I began geting
inquiries about our subscription list. People I did not know wanting to get
the PDI going again. Friends of friends of subscribers long disappeared.

I burned the list.

j grant

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