Black Panthers & Army film

Sat, 24 Jan 1998 14:53:45 -0500 (EST)

To the person who wanted info about PANTHER women. Kathleen Cleaver teaches
at Cardova in New York this year. I was told by one of the Panther lawyers
that there are some groups of Panther women meeting presently. Kathleen
will know how to reach them.
My major work in the Eighties was reading and making a computor index to
the more than 350,000 documents in the FBI Cointelpro files on Black
extremists and the Black Panthers. The files include thousands of names and
no present addresses. When reading files we must remember that it is only
FBI agents writing information or their interpretation of infomation. Much
of the information is very valuable as the FBI documents have become part of
the archives which include speeches, leaflets, events, and lots of hard work.

Also, will the woman in the Navy who wanted a copy of Newsreels film army
please write me as I have lost your address.
The written history of Naomi Weisstein was very moving to me as I remember
her name from my womens history but did not know more. I will copy it and
keep it to use in my next History of Women in North America class.
Thanks Roz