SNCC, Black Panthers and CIA

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>As for obtaining the information from the FBI, it would not only run
>the risk of being flawed in its creation by incompetence or malicious
>fabrication, but even accurate information thus gained would put you
>at a potential subject's doorstep with the very difficult opening,
>"Hi, I got your name from the FBI..."
>Doug Norberg

As a tangential note, I thought you folks might be interested to read up on
the CIA's recent admission that yes, they sure DO spy domestically.
The author and successful litigant is Dan Tsang, a colleague of mine from UC
Irvine. He has given me permission to crosspost his post to the IASSIST-L list.

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Last month, the CIA had to change its Web FAQ page because of my case,
Tsang v. CIA, which was settled when the CIA promised not to spy on me
again. But it refused to make the same promise to cover other Americans
or permanent residents.

The original FAQ page had said "No" to a question whether or not it spies
on Americans. Now it concedes it spies on Americans. The new CIA FAQ is

See my account in Sunday's (Jan. 18) Los Angeles Times Opinion page:
A CIA Target at Home in America. It can be found at:

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