Membership lists for Black Panthers & SNCC (multiple responses)

Tue, 13 Jan 1998 03:53:15 -0500


Subject: panther names

What is the reason you want names of BPP members? I may be able to help?



From: Jonah Raskin <>
Subject: Re: sncc (two posts)

Reply to: RE>sncc (two posts)

To say that the FBI probably has everthing you need is misleading, because it
implies or suggests that the FBI knew everything and kept accurate files and
records and that it did not do. FBI files are not impeccable or totally
reliable sources.



From: Jonah Raskin <>
Subject: Re: sncc

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To answer your question - SNCC did not have membership and didn't keep lists.
You could not join SNCC officially. There were no dues, no membership cards.
There was a group called Friends of SNCC that was a bit more organized in
terms of membership. Good luck.