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On Sat, 27 Dec 1997, Marc Perrusquia wrote:

> does anyone know of any archival material that might reveal membership
> lists for SNCC, SCLC and the Black Panther Party for the period of, say,
> 1960 to 1970? would appreciate any suggestions.

Marc, the FBI probably has everything you need. Check out some of the
references in Kenneth O'Reilly's "RACIAL MATTERS": THE FBI'S SECRET FILE
ON BLACK AMERICA, 1960-1972" (Free Press, 1989). O'Reilly documents the
FBI's surveillance of all the organizations you mention, and his sources
include scores of files containing primary material.

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From: DELTA1965 <>

The SNCC papers are readily available on microfilm. The originals are housed
in the archives at the Martin Luther King, Jr. Center for Nonviolent Social
Change, Inc. on Auburn Street in Atlanta. I believe the SCLC Papers may also
be available on microfilm, but the originals are also available at the King
Center. you may want to contact the archivist, Cynthia Lewis, for information
concerning access.

As for the Black Panther Party, the best starting place I can think of would
be the Black Panther Party Project at Stanford University under the leadership
of a woman named Angela Brown. I am not certain if this kind of information
has been readily compiled or not but it is a good starting point at least. The
Project is located in Cypress Hall wing-D. Incidentally, the MLK Papers
Project is located in the same building-- under the leadership of Clay Carson,
author of <<In Struggle: SNCC and the Black Awakening>>, so some folks on that
end of the building may have some of the info you are seeking regarding SNCC
and the SCLC.

Good luck. I think the info you are looking for should be relatively easy to

Jennifer Jensen