Loving v. Virginia (multiple responses)

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From: Blochvt <Blochvt@aol.com>
Subject: Re: Loving v. Virginia

Well here's what I know. In the mid sixties I worked with Philph
Hirshkopf who was the attorney of record on the case and he then was
working in Alexandria VA. with I beleive Hirshkopf& Cohn. He was
smart and saw many of the implications of the case you might try the
Va. Bar assoc for his current location. He would be in his mid sixties
or early seventies..
I would be interested in what you find as Phil was also deeply
involved in the Southern Students Organizing committee also at the

John Bloch


From: "Peter W. Brush" <Brush@LIBRARY.Vanderbilt.edu>
Subject: Re: Loving v. Virginia
Not sure what to advise, since I don't know where you have looked so
far. But a search of ProQuest using "loving v. virginia" gives 46
hits, and the same search on WorldCat in "subject" field gives 8
citations. I'd also look at Disseration Abstracts. UVM has a law
school (right?) so check the legal databases. I think you will find

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From: Peter Levy <plevy@eagle.ycp.edu>
Subject: Re: Loving v. Virginia

To: Phyllis Newbeck

I wish I knew more about this case as well. The few citations I have are:
Simeon booker, "The Couple That Rocked the Courts," Ebony, Vol. 22 (Sept.
1967); Walter Wadlington, "The Loving Case: Virginia's Anti-Miscegenation
Statute in Historical Perspective," Virginia Law Review, Vol. 52 (1966?),
1189-1223; "The Crime of Being Married," LIfe, March 18, 1966. Otherwise,
Richard Perring Loving was white, Mildred Delores Jester was not. The two
lived in VA and got married in Wash. D.C. in 1958, which did not prohibit
interracial marriages. They lived in Caroline County, VA, however and
were convicted oin 1959 of violating VA's antimiscegenation law. They
were given the choice of a min. sentence of 1 year in the penitentiary or
a suspended sentence upon the conditions that they move out of the state
for 25 years. They moved to Wash. D.C. and iniated the suit in 1963 with
the ACLU as their counsel. If you find more, please pass it along. Peter
Levy, Dept. of History, York College, 17405

On Fri, 19 Dec 1997, Phyllis Newbeck wrote:

> Greetings:
> It has been 30 years since the Supreme Court ruled that laws
> outlawing interracial marriages were unconstitutional in the case of
> Loving v. Virginia. I am trying to learn as much about the Lovings and
> the attorneys who argued their case as possible but I have yet to
> uncover any substantive literature on the subject. Could anyone on
> this list point me in the direction of books, articles, theses, or any
> written material that would assist me in researching this seminal
> decision and the people behind it? Any help would be greatly
> appreciated.
> - Phyl