Re: Pete vs. Abbie

Thu, 27 Nov 1997 23:02:04 +0000

> i was sitting right there and will tell you for the sake of being pc no
> one in the audience could understand anything he said and he just jumped
> into the WHOs set and had to be removed. it was a gentle tap. he got
> off easy and he failed to connect.

Since you had a ring-side seat, what actually happened between Abbie
and Townsend?

I had been with Abbie earlier and he certainly was tripping on the whole
scene, but he didn't seem to be completely out of it at that time.

I had always been my impression that it was Townsend's "Won't get
fooled again" attitude that came down on the wrong side of Abbie. And
that it came down anything but gently.

Was this not what you saw?

I asked Abbie about it years later, but he would never talk about it.