Dope; Give Me An F

Maggie Jaffe (mjaffe@MAIL.SDSU.EDU)
Thu, 27 Nov 1997 07:22:36 -0800

Dear Sixties People & Other Dopers:

Thank you all for the responses. I remember something related to the
"Heroin Epidemic of 1970." In New York City during that time, pot of any
sort was impossible to find, but cheap, strong heroin flowed like wine.
Sadly, I've seen the best minds of my generation nodding out in subways, on
street corners, in prisons. An acquaintance ODed during that year as well.
He loved to sing the Blues at parties, adding his own unique riffs about
the joys of making love.

One other memory: I was at Woodstock. Went there with friends to get out of
the city heat. We were going to leave if we didn't like it. Ha. I don't
remember hearing Country Joe's "Give Me An F," but to me, it was the most
rousing thing I've ever heard, but I saw/ heard it in the movie! (Isn't
that just like American life, that movies are more real than life?).
Woodstock didn't have the technological hook ups we have today. If you
weren't close up, you might not hear anything. (At least I remember being
there). The Vietnam War was on my mind then. It was on the minds of all
my friends. How could it not be?