Linking Woodstock to antiwar protest

Chip Hodgkins (cdh3@ACPUB.DUKE.EDU)
Thu, 20 Nov 1997 13:50:22 -0500

I am working on a research paper about Woodstock, and I was wondering
if anyone could help me out. Here is a summary of my proposal for
this paper:

Woodstock is most often associated with hippies, peace, free
love, drug use, etc., but it also makes an argument against the
Vietnam War. What exactly is this argument? How does Woodstock make
such an argument (i.e. through the atmosphere, the organization of
the festival, the performers, the actual music, etc.). Is this
argument effective?

Many criticize that Woodstock was not revolutionary at all.
However, as the premiere music festival, Woodstock's recognition
cannot be ignored. Everyone has heard some story about Woodstock,
whether it be from that person's friends, parents, children, or even
the movie "Woodstock."

By answering these questions, I hope to link Vietnam to mass
culture. Certainly, not everyone of this generation actively
participated in the antiwar movement, but everyone listened to music.
The epitome of this culture was Woodstock.

I am really searching for evidence, facts from Woodstock, that
take a stand against Vietnam. Hopefully, someone can help me out.
Thank you for your time.

Chip Hodgkins