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A place to begin your research would be William L. Van Deburg's New Day
in Babylon. This book has a section on black power in sports which will
provide you with a useful over view, and I think the footnotes will
direct you to other sources that may be of use such as Harry Edwards'
Revolt of the Black Athlete.
Herman Graham
University of Pennsylvania

From: Alex Bloom <>

The best place to begin is with Harry Edwards, The Revolt of the Black
Athlete (NY, 1969).

On Wed, 12 Nov 1997, Paulo Diniz wrote:

> Hi everybody,
> The sixties were an amazing time and I unfortunately wasn't born yet,
> but it was a time of changes and I want always to learn about those ideas
> and thougts. Is there is anybody that could help me to get information
> about Tommie Smith and John Carlos, the athletes that made one of the
> greatest moments in the history of sports with their protest.
> Paulo Diniz.

From: "Peter W. Brush" <>


This is not a difficult topic to search. I'm sure the newspapers were
full of it -- check into newspaper indexes for 1968 in the weeks
after the Olympics.

The August 5, 1991 issue of "Sports Illustrated" has an article on
this by Kenny Moore:

Tommie Smith and John Carlos raised their fists in a symbol advocating
racial justice in the 1968 Olympics . Their fight for racial justice
through their participation in sports is chronicled.

Peter Brush

From: "William M. King" <kingwm@spot.Colorado.EDU>

Paulo, you might begin by examining vol 3 of Arthur Ashe's history of the black

William M. King,
Professor and Coordinator,
Afroamerican Studies,
The University of Colorado at Boulder