Re: Pain & the Viet Nam war

Maggie Jaffe (mjaffe@MAIL.SDSU.EDU)
Sun, 9 Nov 1997 15:39:52 -0800

Dear Sixties People:

*Fiction International's* "Pain #2" issue was just published and is
pertinent to this list. A few of the selections include fiction by W. D
Ehrhart; Donald Anderson's poignant self-review of *Aftermath: An Anthology
of Post-Vietnam Fiction*; Jon Forrest Glade's review of Jonathan Shay's
*Achilles in Vietnam: Combat Trauma and the Undoing of Character*; and
powerful battlefield art by John Wolfe. The following is an excerpt from
Wolfe's own account of his near-death:

Never one to do things halfway, I eventually walked into a North Vietnamese
ambush in the mountains west of Hue. After three cardiac arrests and 39
pints of blood, the doctors of the 22nd Surgical Group pulled me through.
I cannot explain, in terrestrial terms, the states of mind I experienced
those three weeks on the *USS Repose.* Small devils visited my bunk daily.
Sometimes they menaced and sometimes performed a kind of theater before me.
Apparitions and visions of all kinds tormented me; but the worst, the very
worst, was when I descended into a sinister vacuum which only religious
metaphors about the loss of god's love could begin to describe. Even the
devils didn't visit me there.

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