Re: vietnam war era protest music (multiple posts)
Sun, 9 Nov 1997 16:54:12 -0500

From: Aron Kay (

hey when it comes to antiwar music, your student should check out
material by country joe and the fish, joan baez, judy collins, cs&n,phil
ochs, etc

benjamin berry wrote:
> I have a student researching antiwar protest music from the Vietnam war
> era. Does anyone have suggestions for sources? Please respond directly if
> you wish.
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From: Steve <>


You can write to Barry "The Fish" Melton from Country Joe & The Fish,
who's "Fixin' To Die Rag" was featured on the best selling album on
foreign military bases during the Vietnam War. His email address is

Good luck

From: "ANDREW H. LEE" <>

There is always the standard _Sing Out_. We have that and numerous
other works of portest music as well as histories and other studies
that place the songs in context, biographies of singers, etc...even
dense theoretical treatments of song and a classic anti-communist work about
music: David A. Noebel. _The Marxist minstrels; a handbook on communist
subversion of music_. Tulsa: American Christian College Press, 1974.
The catch is you have to come hgere to use the materials becasue we
cannot do research for people nor do we lend.

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