Re: 60's anthologies

Aron Kay (
Fri, 31 Oct 1997 23:02:02 -0500

i feel that there is a lack of 60's anthologies in ciriculation in the
many of us who were involved during those turbulent times have a lot to
share with those who are interested as towhat took place during the
events, the mores, cultural explosions, music that comprised the 60's
We should write our own history not wait for a woodward-bernstein
combination who would sanitize it.
Aron Kay

Allen Cohen wrote:
> In 1991 I edited a complete reproduction of the San Francisco Oracle called
> The San Francisco Oracle Facsimilie Edition published by Regent Press,
> 8020A Adeline, OAkland, CA, 510-547-7602, Fax 5105476357. It includes an
> extensive introduction that I wrote and every page of the original Oracle
> as close to the originals as possible. I think you will find this to be an
> original source anthology of the hippie culture.
> Allen Cohen
> > I just got a look, finally, at the 60's reader, *Takin' It to the
> > Streets* by Bloom and Breines. It's an excellent overview of
> > many documents from the period. I've been having less success,
> > however, in finding a good anthology of fiction and poetry of the
> > 60's that includes writers from mainstream/academic and
> > popular/counterculture currents (I know the divisions are fuzzy).
> > At this point I'm struggling with the task of forming an
> > expensive reading list and a pile of copyright permissions. I
> > would appreciate direct recommendations from anyone who might be
> > using such an anthology in his/her 60's courses. The book
> > ordering deadlines are bearing down.
> > Thanks.
> > Tom Denton
> >