60's anthologies

Hal Muskat (DENTON@SMTPGATE.sunydutchess.edu)
Thu Oct 30 10:20:15 1997

I just got a look, finally, at the 60's reader, *Takin' It to the
Streets* by Bloom and Breines. It's an excellent overview of
many documents from the period. I've been having less success,
however, in finding a good anthology of fiction and poetry of the
60's that includes writers from mainstream/academic and
popular/counterculture currents (I know the divisions are fuzzy).
At this point I'm struggling with the task of forming an
expensive reading list and a pile of copyright permissions. I
would appreciate direct recommendations from anyone who might be
using such an anthology in his/her 60's courses. The book
ordering deadlines are bearing down.
Tom Denton denton@sunydutchess.edu