Thanks for the suggestions

Archie Loss (akl1@PSU.EDU)
Tue, 28 Oct 1997 07:33:59 -0500

I want to thank everyone who replied to my query about the line from
"We Can Be Together." There have been many interesting suggestions
and at the moment I'm trying to follow up on them. I suspect, as is
frequently thecase, the line has several different sources and the
best I will be able to do is to refer to all of them.

This query came out of my research for a book which may interest many
of you. With the tentative title POP DREAMS: MUSIC, MOVIES, AND THE
MEDIA IN THE AMERICAN 1960S, it will be published next year by
Harcourt Brace College Publishers in their America Since 1945 series.
I am dealing with the interrelationship of social and political events
of the sixties with the popular arts and media. As I see it, this is
a dialectical relationship, in which influences and reactions fall on
both sides. To understand it fully, it is necessary to consider the
history of the postwar period and of the decades following the
sixties. Especially important, of course, are the 1970s. As
publication nears, I'll send another communication about this project.
At this point, it appears that it may be out by next fall.

Archie Loss