RE: Vets visiting classes

Wed, 22 Oct 1997 11:10:02 EDT

Not sure if Archie Los has received a response yet..

>I have had many guests speak to my sixties class, but have never
>located a Vietnam nurse. I teach at Penn State-Erie (The Behrend
>College) in Erie, PA. I would be very much interested in locating
>someone who had this experience and would be willing to share it with
>my class.
>Archie Los

But, I have had a Vietnam nurse visit my 60s class a few times along with area
vets. Her name is Bobbie Trotter --she was quite involved in the effort to
get the woman's statue at the Memorial... Perhaps she could help you contact
someone in the Erie area... Contact me off-the-list and I can send you a
number of address for her. Sorry I don't have your direct address.

Ted Morgan

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