Alex Richman/The Butts Band

Ron Koster (
Sun, 19 Oct 1997 13:15:41 -0400

Hi everyone!

I'm a webdesigner currently working on a site for Alex Richman, who played
keyboards, sang and wrote some songs with The Butts Band (the group formed
by Robby Krieger and John Densmore of The Doors after Jim Morrison died) on
their album "Hear & Now". Alex also had an earlier solo album of her own
called "Salty".

I would be extremely grateful to anyone who might have any info on anything
related to Alex Richman and/or The Butts Band (when she was with them),
especially reviews (good or bad) or, even better, photos/graphics --
although virtually any type of tidbit would be most welcome.

Thank you very, very much in advance,

Ron :)

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