War: A Commentary (multiple responses)

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From: Donald Theall <cudft@trentu.ca>
Subject: Re: *War: A Commentary*

Gwynne Dyer is the spelling. He was involved in the creation, writing
and presentation of the seven part National Film Board of Canada
series "War", which was seen in the U.S. on PBS. His book _War_ was
published by Crown Publishers, N.Y. in 1985. He was born in
Newfoundland, Canada, joined the Canadian navy 1t 17 and also served
in the British and American navies. He graduated from Memorial
University (Newfoundland) with a B.A., earned a M.A., from Rice and
then a Ph.D. in war studies from University of London.

Donald Theall

On Wed, 15 Oct 1997, W. D. Ehrhart wrote:

> Dear Sixties Folks,
> About eight or ten years ago, there was a six-part documentary on PBS
> called *War: A Commentary* by a Canadian journalist named Gwyn Dyer, or
> Gwynne Dyer, or Gwen Dyer, or something like that. That's my problem: I
> need to have the exact spelling of both his first and last names. Can
> anybody help me out? Thanks.
> Bill Ehrhart
> wdehrhart@worldnet.att.net


From: Ron Koster <psymon@istar.ca>
Subject: Re: *War: A Commentary*

Yup! His name is *Gwynne Dyer*, and he's a great commentator on war.


You're welcome!

Ron :)

P S Y M O N ? ? ? ?


From: Craig M Kind <fscmk@aurora.alaska.edu>
Subject: Re: *War: A Commentary*

In response to Bill Ehrhart's query,

I believe the spelling is Gwynne Dyer, according to the the
listing of the companion book, _War_(New York: Crown, 1985)
I found.

Craig M. Kind, student
University of Alaska


From: Joe Williams <search@outofprint.com>
Subject: Re: *War: A Commentary*


The correct spelling is "Gwynne Dyer". This is from the book 'War', the
companion book to the series.

Joe Williams



From: "Richard Flinn" <Flinn@naps.edu>
Subject: Re: *War: A Commentary*

Bill--His name is "Gwynne Dyer." The companion book to
the series "War" was published by Crown Publishers, Inc..
1985. ISBN 0-517-55615-4.

Rich Flinn
Naval Academy Preparatory School
Newport, RI


From: "William M. King" <kingwm@spot.Colorado.EDU>
Subject: Re: *War: A Commentary*

You are quite correct. There was also a companion book that was
published coevally with the series, that you might be able to find in
a local public library or academic media center if they takped the



From: "Professor Donald C. Anderson, 3930" <AndersonDC.DFENG.USAFA@usafa.af.mil>
Subject: re:*War: A Commentary*

bill: your first spelling was right: gwynne dyer (there was a book too,
WAR, crown publishers, 1985). --donald


From: DrMiloB@aol.com
Subject: Re: *War: A Commentary*

If you didn't yet get a reply to your inquiry; your first spelling was right.
Gwynne Dyer. There is, by the way, a companion book to the PBS series; quite
interesting. War, Crown Publishers, New York, 1985. ISBN 0-517-55615-4.

Camillo Bica