Why the Need for Konspirakii's

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> I would, of course, also recommend chomsky's "rethinking camelot"
> as a lovely monogramme that debunks a lot of the Kennedy Assasination
> Mythology that came to the fore with Oliver Stone's "JFK" - and that
> the USA was on a collision course with operations in south east asia
> for cultural reasons that were independent of the owner of the white house
> ciao
> drieux
> debunk chmosky, i say. look at the facts (not what the govt holds to be the facts)
> surrounding the jfk assassination and you' ll see the truth emerge.
> and besides its monograph unless you've had the essay stitched onto your shirt
> pocket.
> ciao
> truman peyote
> you never cease to amaze me.

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maybe I am missing your point, if there is one there to be had.

My complements on correcting the issue of 'monogramme' v. monograph.

Now, what are these 'facts' that only the SuperSekRetIlluminati
happen to be the sole persons privy to????

I can appreciate that there remains as Much need for the people who
have the dire need to feel safe about either their 'anti-war' stand
and/or their complete Lack of Doing Diddly, to hide behind the fact
that the EvilTheyThemDidTheDirtyDead! as there is the concommitant
policy position about 'strategic bombing' being the 'great war wining'
solution that would have WON the war in vietnam, if only we had not
adopted the "limited war" or "war of attritition" or... what ever it
is that is Chic And the trendy BullHeaving of the Right.

clearly this amusing habit of both the left and right to
hop in bed together and all wash their hands of personal
responsibility because of the EvilTheyThem has been one of
my pet personal amusements about the bifurcation of america
over how to deal with the sixties as a cultural issue!

I can appreciate that there are folks who are not sure where to
go, and one more graying old fart at a woman's basket ball game
standing silently when they do the national anthem thing is so hard
to tell which is what. Clearly it is hard for folks to resolve, is
this cat standing there in silence without all that 'pro patria' hand
over the heart merely a victim of bad education of the rayGunnEra, or
one more vet brother standing in protest against the fact that my tribe
is still in the HILLS. Still up there in the tree line trying to come
home to america, while they live CONUS. Or the fact that there remains
the absurd contrast over the fact that my brothers and sisters are still
in the uplands of bosnia and haiti - and the only folks Whining about this
are the nice RushLimbiots who are all emotionally upset about the fact that
we are not getting either great war footage out of it, or as just one more
issue to attack 'that democratic president'. While the 'Progressive' elements
remain unresolved as to whether or not we should have big 'anti-war' demonstrations
on the Mall to Protest the insertion of american troops abroad!

But as I remind folks, this is a CIVILIAN ISSUE. As long as 'nice whyte het boys
from the burbs' are not getting drafted, clearly it's not a hot enough issue to
get bent all out of shape about. And what with the concerns about whether or not
the gay/women's movement should be addressing which side of the 'women and gays
in the military' issue, it's hard to remember if they are stuck in this wedge
because of the EvilTheyThemKonspirakiiOfTheIlluminati who assasinated JFK, or
is it merely the simpler case that things are not as naively simple as they
first appeared when JFK offered us,

"To bear any Burden."


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