Re: Underground Press (multiple responses)

Fri, 3 Oct 1997 04:58:31 -0400


From: Steve Haas <>
Subject: Re: Underground Press

Anne Marie Ellison wrote:

> This is going to sound like a silly question but.... I am working on a
> thesis on the subject of the musical _Hair_ and construction of
> youth/movement culture. I'm trying to compile a working list of radical
> periodicals, centered in NYC, that would have been prominent in 1967-68,
> especially mags/newspapers that talked about music/culture etc. (ie
> publications likely to review the play). I've got the biggies: East
> Village Other, the Voice, etc., but what am I missing that I just *have*
> to look at? Thanks.
> -Anne Marie Ellison
> University of Michigan

I have a few copies of 'The RAT,' an underground paper which became
devoted to Women's issues. I sold a few hundred of these at Woodstock,
before I was stopped...that is a story in and of itself....


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From: (James L. Wood) Subject: Re: Underground Press

Anne Marie: UC Berkeley's library had a great collection of alternative newspapers and periodicals in the 60s which I found when researching that topic years ago. Through the Web, you might be able to connect with that library to do the same. It seems that a New York location for a library would no longer be necessary for you. Good luck, Jim Wood