Re: Aretha's "Respect"

Jane Lekus (
Sun, 28 Sep 1997 14:07:39 -0400

A radio interview from some twenty-odd years ago my shed a different
light on the meaning of "Respect." I just went back and listened to
the words quite carefully - see if you agree.

This is the story of a particular woman demanding sexual satisfaction
from her man. From the opening line - "What you want - I got it!" we
hear the needs of a woman whose "propers" aren't taken care of. The
slang would also bear this out. "T.C.B." -take care of business, and
"Sock-it-to-me" (particularly before it came into general usage after
the Rowan & Martin TV show "Laugh In") both refer to having sex. The
remark about getting "Respect" after a long trip away from home would
also "fit in" with this theory. (Sexual innuendo intended.)

Jane Leskus