Re: marines in vietnam (multiple responses)

Fri, 26 Sep 1997 20:01:59 -0400


From: Paul Heavens <>
Subject: Re: marines in vietnam


>>Maybe it is time to listen to those who have borne the battle for they
>>understand sensless violence better than any of us and perhaps have the
>>wisdom to save us from depressing chaos.

>>country joe mcdonald USN

Sorry, Joe. I cant equate "understanding" with "experience". I've
known quite a few people who have immersed themselves in, and dished
out senseless violence, yet are still surprisingly devoid of
understanding the reason for their actions. Just because you were
"there" dont mean you got the picture any better than an observer.
Even tho being "there" was obviously the more real and intense
experience. I think wisdom comes, not from experience, but from
understanding (war can kill you). Dont have to die to know its the

paul H


From: Henry Beigh <>
Subject: Re: marines in vietnam

Great post Joe! One item of note. To the best of my knowledge the TO
weapon for the Marine grunt, prior to the adoption of the M16, was the
M14. The M14 was a 7.62mm semi-auto rifle that replaced the M1 in the
late 50's or early 60's. Hence it was not the "old WWII rifle" you


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