Re: Red-diaper babies (multiple responses)

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From: "James Cummins" <>
Subject: Re: Red diaperism today (multiple posts)

> I wonder what we make of the fact we can discusss this openly now - or is
> it open, so to speak? And are we saying the effect of red-baiting is not
> as strong or lacking a base of substance, is it exposed to the public and
> younger generations? If so, what were the markers of the demise or has it
> just taken a less noticeable position since most activists do not link
> themselves to such left organizations any longer?
> bob anderson


I think the collapse of the Soviet Union, and the drift of other Communist
countries into economic Capitalism (or starvation) makes the threat of the
Communist Party to overthrow our government by force less of a threat to
our freedom, so that there is less concern among citizens today. During
the sixties the threat of Communism was very real, and we felt we needed to
combat it wherever it reared its head. But remember "Eternal vigilance is
the price of freedom."

Jim Cummins


From: (Charles Light)
Subject: Re: Red diaperism today

Hi Folks:

Appropos of red diaper subject---

There's going to be a reunion of Camp Woodland (a Red Diaper summer camp)
on October 4 & 5 that followers of this thread might be interested in. It's
taking place at SUNY New Paltz and there is a web site at:

You can get more information by calling Pat Pole at the Hudson Valley Study
Center at 914 257 2891

I spent many happy summers at Woodland where Pete Seeger came to play every
year; where the Rosenberg kids went to camp undercover, as well as Morton
Sobell's son, and the children of other luminaries and regular folk that
made up the Old Left.

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Subject: Re: Red diaperism today (multiple posts)

Sorry, hope this isn't too short to pass along (I should have combined
the two posts!), but I loved the irony in Roz's tale about the Red
Diaper babies convening at a camp in New Hampshire --of all places, a
real hope to red scare tactics & mentality. I recall driving through
Ashland, I think it was, up near Plymouth, and passing by someone's
front yard, filled with a "Captive Nations" exhibit --the flags of all
the communist countries. And this was in the 1970s or 80s! Ted

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