Red diaperism today (multiple posts)
Mon, 22 Sep 1997 16:08:42 -0400

From: Anderson, Robert (

I wonder what we make of the fact we can discusss this openly now - or is
it open, so to speak? And are we saying the effect of red-baiting is not
as strong or lacking a base of substance, is it exposed to the public and
younger generations? If so, what were the markers of the demise or has it
just taken a less noticeable position since most activists do not link
themselves to such left organizations any longer?

bob anderson


There is a great good written abt. red diaper babies the author is Kim
Chernin (Sp) I can't recall the title. I think it has the word Mother in
the title. It is abt. growing up in LA. Kim & I went to the same camp I
went to LA high school and she went I believe to Manual Arts. After I read
Kims book I felt like she had written my life story and I had no need to
write it. Our parent even took us to the only movie theater that showed
Russian movies when we were kids. You know girl meets boy , boy meets
tractor and live happily ever after.
A number of years ago there was a gathering organized for red diaper babies
at a camp in New Hampshire. It was wonderful. About 2-300 folks. We talked
class, how our parents hid books and tore up photos and visits of FBI agents
, had meetings and workshops. There were even a few SWP kids that talked of
the discrimination of CPer's. At night we drank cognac and sang all the
songs we learned from our parents and party folks. It was quite an event.
A book was produced from the tape transcripts of many of the sessions. I
would encourage folks to try & organize events like this in their area. Roz