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> > I was interested in knowing details on what happened to your (Joe) family
> > when you criticised the Communist Party for not helping your parents when
> > you said your parents were commies and where was the party when they needed
> > help. Thanks , also a red diaper baby. Roz Payne

I will try. My parents before i was born joined the CP and they met in
Washington DC in the 30's. It was then illegal to pass out leaflets on
the street and a big deal to sell the CP newspaper. this is where their
FBI files begin. When i was born in 1942 the heat was on for European
immigrants, jews and Communists and the like. Avoiding trouble my
family move to California when I was 3 yrs old. They quit the CP and
began progressive politics. The FBI still watched us. They watched and
kept records until into the 60's. In 1954 the California state version
of the House Un-American Activities Committee led by a senator Burns
called my father up to testify. He was what is called "an unfriendly
witness". He was due to qualify for a pension with the then Bell
Telephone Company in a matter of months. He was given a choice of quit
or get fired a week after his appearance in front of the committee. He
quit. We lost just about everything and went on a downward fincancial
spiral which lasted years. We survived!.

Later it was proven that the American CP National, president Gus Hall
had been recieving several million dollars a year from Moscow to foment
the American masses. They bought cars; and a resort for the national
officers; good office space etc. etc. BUT never did anyone from the CP
call, or write or offer to do a benifit for us or ANYTHING!!! The
experience totally changed our lives and in many ways made us a
disfunctional family.

Later my sister got from the FBI 40 years worth of material on my
family. They knew every address and telephone number we ever had! There
is even an entry in the 60's by a secret agent observing my father
driving down the LA Freeway with a MAKE LOVE NOT WAR bumper sticker on
his car.

In my opinion this is not Soldarity Forever this is bull shit! For that
reason i do not see any difference between the leaders of the Department
of Defense as regards the health of their soldiers and the leaders of
the American Communist Party as regards the health of their rank and

But that which does not kill me makes me stronger and i still "carry on"
as an irregular in the Peace Movement and have no plans to change. But
the expression "watch out for friendly fire!" applies equally to the US
Military and the US left wing if you ask me. Never go swimming alone.
I hope this has answered your question and i now have some questions of
my own.

It has been my experience that people on the American Left do not value
the experience and opinions of Red Diaper Babies and like to think they
know it all. The same as civilians without military experience thinking
they know everythng about war. Perhaps this is a good moment for red
diaper babies to compare notes and assert ourselves and demand
recognition in our new age society. I do not have in mind a group
therapy rap group just for red diaper babies to make us better adjusted
and healed, I mean all of us of that generation Woodstock/Vietnam to
honestly open up to these sacrifices and ask us what we think. On the
other hand maybe like the Pope who has never had sex but dictates sexual
habits many on the list and in the generation feel like they are experts
on the subject. waddaya think?

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