vets and summer of love

Joe McDonald (
Fri, 12 Sep 1997 22:06:00 +0100

I am so excited!
Mayor of San Francisco, Willie Brown, cut the following public service
spots yesterday with SF's own Ben Menilla agency and they will air
almost as i post this. Perhaps all of us on these lists: 60's and Women
In War MINERVA agree: This is a very good thing and will promote much
healing and wisdom to be generated within the Vietnam/Woodstock Nation.
But then again maybe not.

"This is Mayor Willie Brown. Pleases join me and Country Joe McDonald in
a long-overdue "Welcome Home" for San Francisco's Vietnam Veterans at
the "SUMMER OF LOVE" on October 12...I will see you at the Wall."

"This is Mayor Willie Brown..Please join me, Country Joe McDonald and
Swords to Plowshares at 12 noon on Columbus Day when San Francisco
honors her Vietnam War Veterans at the Traveling Memorial in Justin
Herman Plaza. The ceremony at the Wall will pay tribute to those brave
San Franciscans lost to that conflict and help heal our wounds."

I personally take this as an important moment of closure for a
generation that grew up before its time. I hope it helps us to gain the
wisdom and courage we need to face our own tomarrows.
country joe mcdonald

"Sorry 'bout that!" anon. nam vet
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