Flames on SIXTIES-L

SIXTIES-L moderator (kalital@kalital.com)
Fri, 12 Sep 1997 15:23:56 -0400

The vet/antiwar thread has developed into quite a heated discussion
over the last weeks, and the moderators have been sending a number of
posts back to their authors with requests for revision, chiefly because
the posts contain flames, but also because authors have been responding
with one- and two-liners, or going on tangents which move the posts
outside the parameters of the SIXTIES-L.

I'd like to apologize on the behalf of the moderators for anything of
that nature we've let slip. For instance, as Kevin Cole complained,
we let through a post in which Miles Archer wrote:

<There is nothing inherent in the meaning of
>"thesis" that remotely implies anything resembling what you have
>erroneously, and pompously (I might add), stated>

We *try* to catch these things, but, especially when posts are lengthy
and we're inundated with them, we sometimes fail in our efforts. So,
*please*, try to make sure that flames don't get sent to us in the
first place. You can read the list parameters at the following URL:


Our definition of a flame is a personal attack upon another listmember,
which questions his or her intelligence, morality, or character. You
can usually avoid them by sticking to a critique of people's arguments
and texts, and staying away from comments on their intentions. We also
view certain categories of large-scale generalization as flames: "People
who believe x are stupid; all x's are cowards."

SIXTIES-L is founded upon the principle that the free exchange of ideas
can more easily take place in a forum where listmembers are protected
from abusive verbal attacks, particularly when discussing a topic which
carries a great deal of emotional importance for many people. There
exist several unmoderated venues for discussion of the Viet Nam war and
the Sixties, and it has been my observation that they are most often
dominated by those listmembers who are willing to be the most brutal in
their critique of dissenting voices. It is ironic, but it does seem
that, on the internet, the places where speech is least regulated are
often the least diverse. The intent of SIXTIES-L is to provide a forum
which encourages diversity of opinion and constructive exchange of
thoughts, feelings and ideas.

Our moderating policies are not open to discussion on the list, but we
are always interested in hearing your comments and observations back-
channel. You can send comments to:


We are always looking for new moderators, so if you would like to join
our volunteer staff, please contact me.

Kali Tal
SIXTIES-L Co-moderator