Re: war and anti-war

Wed, 10 Sep 1997 23:43:36 EDT

Two quick items: After some private conversation with friend Bill Ehrhart, I
realize that I lumped his argument about action/non-action among some with
antiwar sentiments (comment directed to Miles) in with others who associated
the "what did you do" question with the rightness or wrongness of opposing the
war. I know Bill was and is antiwar and didn't mean to imply he personally was
fusing these two points. I meant that they were being fused on the list
--wrongly, I pointed out. Apologies to Bill.

The mention of the "War Requiem" reminds me of one of my very keen memories
from those days; I sang in a "musical union" at Oberlin College my sr. year
(1968) and we performed the War Requiem. I will never forget how moving it
was, and I can still "hear" the long silence in the packed hall after the
final words from Owen's poem ("let us sleep now") died away.

And I, too, found Kim Worthy's comment real interesting. Will check out the
book you mentioned.

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