Media and Vietnam

Shaun D. Mullen (
Thu, 11 Sep 1997 07:32:09 -0400

I am looking for thoughtful and provocative analysis on:

(1.) The news media and Vietnam War, specifically the relationship
between the two: How the war drove and perhaps changed the mainstream
media and its perceptions of the war, and how the mainstream media in
turn drove and perhaps changed government policy and public perceptions
regarding the war.

(2.) Although it is somewhat off the list topic, similar material on the
news media and Gulf War and other "contemporary" conflicts such as
Bosnia, Somalia and Haiti.

(3.) Thoughtful and provocative analysis on both topics -- the
relationships between mainstream media and Vietnam war and mainstream
media and contemporary conflicts, and how those relationships may have
changed, and why.

Can anyone recommend such analyses in article or book form? In the
interests of full disclosure, I am a newspaper editor and writer, and my
request pertains to professional work. (I have edited and written
extensively on Vietnam and the Sixties over the past 25 years.) Please
reply directly unless you think this information would be helpful to
other listers or prompt a thread that may be of interest. Thank you.

Shaun D. Mullen
West Grove, PA